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Dedicated to the advancement of the performing artist.

Our creative director, Erik Geisen's exceptional training brings the singer back to that care-free emotional state of the child while simultaneously developing the full-bodied range and power of an adult. 

His unique, scientifically based system is tailored to your individual voice in a step-by-step process that enriches timbre, builds range, evens vibrato, and ultimately unifies registration.  The singer's high and low registers (chest voice and falsetto) are melded into what maestros' from the Golden Age of Singing called the "third register", a truly unified voice capable of producing a seamless wall of sound that is as beautiful as it is powerful and can withstand the demands of a professional schedule.

His approach begins with the breath.  Within the first lesson, Mr. Geisen's breathing technique will eliminate the feeling of reaching for a note or any sense of being out of breath.  But this is only the start. 

Every aspect of the vocal instrument is developed to its fullest.  Any weaknesses or unsustainable aspects of the voice are diagnosed and rehabilitated using Mr. Geisen's coordinated exercises.  Mr. Geisen demonstrates each of his exercises so you can listen to the sound and replicate it immediately. Best of all, you will be encouraged to become a student of the voice, able to recognize signs of distress and make corrections.


Mr. Geisen has built vibratos in singers that had none, corrected troubled virbatoes, balanced split registers, increased vocal range, and even healed vocal cord nodules using his profound knowledge and ingenious exercises. 

This ingenuity is coupled with a deep caring for the performer.  Whether your passion is opera, pop, broadway, or rock, If you have a burning desire to sing like the greats, you can be confident that, with hard work, your dream is achievable.

Vocal Training

We all started out as performers.