A Ritual Space, LLC

Dedicated to the advancement of the performing artist.

Our Program

Our program is unique in its dedication to the needs of the developing artist.  We are not a school or commercial enterprise.  We are a community of artists dedicated to the full realization of our artistry gathered around the leadership of an extraordinary teacher.

Acceptance into this community demands a long term collaboration between student and mentor.  The study is individualized and specifically tailored to the unique needs of each artist. There are no seminars or courses, but rather focused one-on-one study and intense community involvement.  

Acceptance is not based upon what society considers talent. What the world considers talent is the end-product of  hard work and dedication.  Our community seeks individuals with a quality of spirit rooted in the passion to perfrom, and the humility to change and grow into greatness.

Our mentor's technology can build your instrument as an actor or singer into the sublime.  But only you can inhabit your instrument.  Only you can become the grand man or woman who, as Puccini's Tosca once sang in her aria, "lives for art".

If this message resonates with you please complete the contact information and our program director will reach out to you to discuss your artistic aspirations and how our program might fit.