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Dedicated to the advancement of the performing artist.

So, if acting cannot be taught, is it then only for those who, by some happy accident of birth or the luck of a childhood in which expression was nurtured, have "IT"?

The truth is that you were born with "IT".  Then, "IT" was taken away or lost in the confusion of conflicting demands from parents, siblings, and societal institutions in the process of socialization.  Once you recognize that you've had "IT" all along, you can start your journey to find the joy and freedom of full self-expression.

At Ritual Space our Creative Director, Erik Geisen, begins by building technique. You will be thoroughly trained in the craft of acting; first stillness from which everything else flows. You will be relieved of any micro-movements of the face or body that reduce your stature in performance.  Next, a wide range of techniques will be explained, demonstrated, and worked into your presentation, including how to project your voice, infuse your lines with inflection, diction, and  gestures that promote relaxation and grandeur.

But technique is only the pathway that leads to the realm of full self-expression.  The true magic of acting comes in the form of the actor's childlike elation, a vibrant quality that great actors are able to infuse into their character that make them empathetic...even when they're dastardly.

But how is this possible when your knees are shaking as the curtain rises?  For this you must open yourself to a collaboration with a master; someone with skill, knowledge and a depth of empathy that eclipses early influences that diminish the full self-expression of true artistry. 

Mr. Geisen offers incomparable training in the craft of acting

Performance Coaching

Mr. Geisen is available for individualized work with select students from general a​rtistic development to scene directions and audtion coaching. Please call for details.